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Online Car Booty Starts Sunday 3pm

It's worth getting in early, just like a real car boot sale so that you have first chance of the bargains! Don't worry though, the sale runs all week before it refreshes with new stalls again the next Sunday. When logged in, stalls will be displayed by nearest first. To enter the sale simply click GO BOOTING from the BUY menu above or on the Homepage click..

Go Booting

Browse around the sale.. It's quite realistic.. You can easilly get lost and items are in no specific order! This makes it just like the real thing and a bit of a treasure hunt! There is however, a Category Search which you will see above the stalls.

Online Car Booty Stall

There will be 8 stalls you can scroll/swipe horizontally through on each aisle. You can switch between pages/aisles using the numbered buttons at the bottom of the page.

Online Car Booty Stall

Select a sellers stall by clicking on their car's boot. You will then see all the items that seller is selling this week. A further click on an item will enlarge it and give you a BUY NOW option for that item. If a seller prefers cash on collection, simply message them to make arrangements. Message replies will go to your inbox in MESSAGES Ensure emails from are marked as SAFE with your Email provider so we can let you know when you have a message waiting on the site. If you don't do this, our emails will most likely go to your junk/spam folder.

Admit Seller Ticket

Selling at Online Car Booty couldn't be easier.. Simply book your stall for the week you wish to start on the BOOK A STALL page and then upload your items in seconds! You can then add a small description, price, postage and category. 10 item stalls are absolutely FREE or you can pay for a bigger one if you need more space. When booking your stall you can choose your car and even add an optional Stall Banner to help make you stand out in the sale. Remember, your stall will start at 3pm Sunday and it will run for a full week but you MUST have your stall set up before it starts.

Selling Controls

The icons above will appear on the ACTIVE STALL and also the SOLD ITEMS page when an item sells. You can also mark items as SOLD yourself if say, a buyer collects with cash. If a buyer pays for an item via PayPal and doesn't return to our site after checkout, then we can't automatically mark the item as paid for you. Again, you can manually mark it as paid. PayPal transactions carry the 'Item Number' of the item sold.. So if anything ever gets confusing, just check the PayPal transaction for details.

Post or cash on collection

For simplicity and security, most sellers accept PayPal and post items to buyers. However, you can offer cash on collection if you prefer. You can set PayPal or Cash on collection in EDIT ACCOUNT.

That's it! Here's a little cheat sheet..

Online Car Boot Sale Cheat Sheet

Video Review, Site Tutorial & Promotional Video..

Coloured Line


We recommend Paypal for payments as they have a resolution centre for any problems with transactions. Do not send PayPal payments as a "Friends or Family" payment or you will not be covered. Cash on collection or other payments are made at your own risk. Click HERE to report a problem with a transaction to Paypal.

Terms and Conditions

  • (Registered as "Computer Friendly") are not responsible for the goods sold on this site, transactions are made solely between the buyer and the seller.
  • This site is for persons aged 18 years or over only.
  • Any problems with a transaction should be dealt with by contacting the buyer or seller.
  • We recommend paying for goods through either Paypal or at your own risk, cash on collection. Any unlikely loss of revenue from sales made must be claimed through PayPal, we cannot be held responsible for payments lost, cancelled or for chargebacks.
  • Just like a real car boot sale goods are sold as seen/described. Postage and packaging costs should be discussed with the seller before purchase.
  • It is illegal to sell weapons, goods which are counterfeit, stolen or dangerous, such items will not appear on your stall and your account may be suspended. Alcohol and tobacco products are also prohibited. Graphic images of a sexual nature are not allowed (EG. Adult sex toys), Unrevealing lingerie and clothing IS allowed. We reserve the right to remove any items we deem unfit for selling on the site.
  • Spamming and advertising public buying and selling sites similar to ours is prohibited. Abusive or threatening behaviour towards to ourselves, the site or our members may lead to prosecution.
  • This online car boot sale website is strictly for UK members only for purposes of locality.​​ We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
  • If due to a fault or during maintenance, your stall experiences an error, we cannot be held responsible but will attempt to rectify any issues that occur.
  • After any buying a stall or additional stall add-ons, your purchase will be ready immediately after relevant payment through Paypal. You have the right to cancel your stall at anytime up to 3 hours before the live car boot sale begins.

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