Okay, unlike those sites that try to sell you Make Money Fast E-Books and rubbish like that.. We have something VERY special for you here!

I'm Mark, I run Online Car Booty and before I created the site, I used to buy and sell from real car boot sales. I have done so for 25 years and made a fantastic living doing so. I know what makes money from boot sales.. I'm not going to fluff around with wording or selling pitches.. This E-Book will tell you the exact items and brand names to buy in order to make good money.

Since I now run this Online Car Booty, I thought I would share this with you.. Believe me, It's priceless information! I am simply charging £14.99 for it because I don't want it passed around for free. When you read this, you will see why and won't want to tell anyone else about it yourself.

What to sell at car boot sale

This is all tried and tested and the named items in this E-Book can be found out there on car boot sales near me AND you! The E-Book is in Microsoft Word Format and is currently 11 pages long. It doesn't need to be big.. As I say.. I don't talk jargon, I just get straight in to it and list all the items to look out for as well as price guides and photos so you know exactly what to hunt down! You will also be able to download future updates for FREE!

Word file format

I know some people are going to be upset with me for selling this and giving the game away but these are MY secrets and I'm sharing them with you to help fund Online Car Booty. I will also withdraw this E-Book if too many sell, but since this is a national website, it's bound to help you slaughter your competition in your area! You will not be disappointed.. These aren't just car boot sale tips! Click BUY NOW and you'll be taken to the download page. No one else from Online Car Booty is allowed to distribute this. By clicking BUY NOW means that you too agree NOT to distribute this for free or for payment. Anyone who does will be prosecuted. This is seriously Top Secret information for my serious fellow car booters!

Click BUY NOW below to beat the competition and remember.. Don't tell anyone !

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